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One of our greatest passions is to create custom designs for our clients. Taking a vision from an imaginative dream to a reality is where the joy of the design process lies. Designer Eon Hoon takes great pride in guiding clients along every step of the way. Whether designing the ultimate engagement ring or bringing sentimentality to life through a special piece for yourself, we can help make that happen.

Every design starts with an idea, and we would be honoured to help you turn that idea into a tactile reality. Whether you come to us with a reference photo, a hand-drawn sketch or even if we work together on the design over a cup of coffee, the design process is there to create something unique to you.

Eon Hoon can work with a multitude of metals and stones and has created stunning pieces from inherited stones, new stones or even from scratch. He’s reworked precious heirlooms into modern pieces by re-using the same metals and as such has helped to preserve generations of memories in contemporary pieces.

During the design phase, Eon will discuss every detail with clients, starting at the design right through to materials and cost. He will offer advice and insight into the practicality of a design and may even offer input to make your piece more unique and durable. Thereafter, allow us to leave the process in Eon’s capable hands.

Eon enjoys discussing designs with clients and if you’d like to have a sit down conversation and brainstorm please feel free to contact us and make an appointment.