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Our necklaces come standard on a 50cm chain, but are also available on a 45cm chain if you so prefer.  Longer or shorter lengths are available; please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

Please supply us with your correct ring size; we use the British measurement system (Alphabetical), which can easily be measure for you using a ring sizer.  We cannot be held responsible if the incorrect ring size is supplied to us. Orders requiring different ring sizes will be handled on an individual basis.

If you do not know your exact size our sizing is as follows: 

Ladies Rings Mens Rings
X-Small H to I ½
Small J to L ½ O to Q ½
Medium M to O ½ R to T ½
Large P to Q ½ U to W ½
X-Large R to T ½ X to Z ½

We do offer an engraving service at an additional cost; please feel free to drop us an email to discuss this option.

As all our pieces are handmade, please allow for slight variations on the images.

Jewellery Care:

Sterling Silver does tarnish over time, turning black with oxidisation.  Sometimes your own body chemistry can affect the discolouration of metal; this can be aggravated with certain personal (skincare, makeup, perfume, etc.) products.  We recommend putting your jewellery on once you’ve applied all your products as this minimizes the contact.  We also recommend not wearing your jewellery while doing manual tasks such as gardening or going to the gym as this can damage the items; store your pieces away safely when not being worn.

Jewellery that has tarnished can easily be cleaned with a jewellery polishing cloth or warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush.   Always keep your jewellery dry, especially after cleaning as this prevents it tarnishing quicker.  Gold plated jewellery has some maintenance on each piece as plating will wear off after time, this can be from friction or even from beauty products.   If you’d like professional cleaning or to have a piece plated, we would be happy to assist you with this at our studio, but please note we do not plate costume jewellery or pieces made by other jewellers.

We recommend that you have your jewellery items checked annually for signs of damage or wear and tear, tightening of claws, engraving and in the case of white Gold, rhodium plating (depending on lifestyle)annually or every 2nd year.*

Wood Care:

To treat your wooden jewellery we suggest using teak oil, every 2- 3 weeks. It’s not a necessity as the wood absorbs the oils from your skin, but it helps to keep your ring with a healthy sheen.

Dry your ring as it gets wet. As a rule, it’s best not to wear your ring for showering, bathing, swimming or dish washing although a quick hand wash is quite acceptable.

A general tip is also not to wear your jewellery when performing manual tasks as to prevent physical damage.